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Festivals of Tinsukia

The culture of Tinsukia consists of lively and colourful traditions of the people residing here in the district. The tribal communities dwelling in this part of Assam have their own indigenous heritage and culture. The culture of Tinsukia is very rich and diverse with a lot of festivals and fairs that are celebrated with spirit and zest by the people here. The traditional attires and folklore of this place has its own charm and beauty. Some of the festivals that are celebrated in this district are Bihu, Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi, Tuluni and Saghi Festival, Ali aye Ligang, etc.

Tuluni Festival

Festivals in TinsukiaThe semi naga tribe is another important tribe of Tinsukia district and Tuluni festival is an important festival of the tribe. The festival is celebrated on the 8th of july. The festival is observed for the purpose of healthy crop growth. On the day of this festival, all the people of the village are involved in delicious meals.


Bihu is the festival of Assam. It is of three types and each Bihu has its own significance. There is Bohag Bihu, Magh Bihu and Kati Bihu. Bohag Bihu marks the start of the new Assamese year. During this Bihu, the younger takes the blessings of the older by touching their feet and delicious Assamese delicacies are prepared by every Assamese household. Magh Bihu on the other hand, is the festival of food for during this Bihu, people have feast and bonfires with closed ones. Kati Bihu is the last bihu of the year, which is rather a peaceful Bihu where the Tulsi plant is lit with candles and earthen lamps. People pray in order provide them with good and healthy crops during this Bihu.

Festivals in TinsukiaAli-Aye-Ligang

Ali-Aye-Ligang is a festival celebrated by the Mishing tribe at the end of the month of February. The festival is to welcome the God of Rain, Indra in order have a fruitful cultivation. The festival is that of merry-making and happiness with people singing and dancing with enthusiasm.

Saghi Festival

Another important festival of the semi Nagas, is the Saghi festival. This festival is also a festival of Festivals in Tinsukiacrops and hence it signifies the abundant harvest of crops. This festival is generally celebrated during the month of August when reaping of the harvest starts. Preparation for the festival starts with people preparing for the grand feast by working in groups to earn wages and celebrate the festival in a grand manner. Community feasts are organized where people have delicious cuisines and then sing and dance with merriment.

Shapawang Yawng manau Poi

Shapawang Yawng manau Poi is a very important dance festival of the Singhpo tribe which is celebrated in Tinsukia with pomp and gaiety on the 14th of February every year. Customs say that the Singphos are the descendants of ‘Shapawng Yawng’ and Tingli Yawang who was the son of Shapwng Yawng, celebrated ‘Mana Poi’ in order to get the blessings of his father and ‘Mathum Matha’, the creator of the world. This celebration festival soon came to be known as ‘Shapawang Yawng manau Poi’. The celebration consists of various dances performed shich are ‘Padeng manau’ – the war winning dance, ‘Shut manau’ – the celebration dance and ‘Kumran manau’ – the farewell dance.

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