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Food in Tinsukia

Being a part of Assam, the food of Tinsukia consists of traditional Assamese cuisine. The people prepare local dishes with very less usage of oil tinsukia foodand local herbs and spices. The Assamese people are hard core non-vegetarians and hence fish and meat consists of a very major part of their food. Some of the local food of the area are Maasor tenga (sour fish curry), aloo pitika (potato mash), khar, murgir manxor jool (chicken curry), dal, xaak bhaji (green leaves fry), chutney, pickle and curd. These are just a few of the many dishes prepared and enjoyed by the people of Tinsukia or rather the entire Assamese clan. After food, it is almost a habit of the people of Assam to have paan and betel nut ( tamul ) and offering it is a mark of respect. The Assamese cuisines are very healthy in nature for the sole reason that they are devoid of much spices and local herbs and ingredients.
Some of the dishes of prepared by the people of Tinsukia are as follows:

Maasor Tenga

Fish comprises of a very important part of food for the people of Tinsukia. There are various ways to prepare fish curry such as fry, khar, with potato, tomato and even other green vegetables. Preparing fish with some amazing local herbs such as ‘bhedailota xaak’, ‘sooka xaak’, ‘til’, ‘narahingo paat’, etc. gives such an irresistible aroma that one cannot control.

Meat curry

Meat consists of chicken, duck, pigeon, lamb amongst others. It is consumed in large quantities by most of the people in Tinsukia


Pithas are special food items which one can easily get in any household in Tinsukia. Pithas are signature food items which are made up of powdered rice, flour, sugar, salt, coconut and ‘til’. During Bihu, Pithas are mandatory in every house in Tinsukia. Pithas are of various kind, they are roasted and rolled, steamed and even fried.

There are a number of restaurants available in Tinsukia district where one can go and avail the tasty food items.

Restaurants in Tinsukia

G N B Road,
Tinsukia H O,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2330661

Big Boss :A Family Restaurant
Opp. Govt. Tresury Office,
A T Road,
TINSUKIA - 786125

Hotel Gitanjali
Near Tda Central Plaza,
A T Road,
(0374) 2337118

Hasty Tasty
G N B Road,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2342679

Hotplate Restaurant
Hotel Eastern Building,
Opposite Treasury Office,
A T Road,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2339208

Jagdamba Hotel & Restaurants
Lohia Road,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2351411

Junction Bar
Near Padumani,
Rangagora Road,
Tinsukia - 786125

G N B Road,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2339863     

Rajasthan Bhojnalaya
Thana Road,
Tinsukia - 786125
(0374) 2338610

Zurich Restaurants
Opposite Barkash Bazar,
G N B Road,
(0374) 2351517

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