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Tilinga Mandir

Situated at Bordubi, a small town which is at a distance of 7 kms. from the main town of Tinsukia Tinsukia tourist spotsdistrict, Tilinga Mandir is a famous temple where Lord Shiva is worshiped. The temple derives its name from the Assamese term ‘tilinga’ meaning bells. Thousands of bells can be seen tied here around a peepal tree and its various branches. The bells differ in shapes and sizes and made up of different kinds of metals such as bronze, brass, aluminium and copper. People tie these bells here with wishes and prayers and it is believed that when this is done, Lord Shiva grants their wishes. And this is the reason that the temple attracts thousands of tourists every year from different place within and outside the state as well. The temple being nearly half a century old, has thousands of bells tied to the tree, which the temple management refuses to throw away and hence they store them within the temple premises itself in gunny bags.

History of Tilinga Mandir

It was in the year 1965 when some tea garden workers around the area notices a ‘Shiva Linga’ emerge Tilinga mandir tinsukiaout of the ground near the peepal tree. And then itself, the administrators of the garden decided that a temple needs to be built in that particular place. With that decision, up came the Tilinga mandir. Initially when people went to pray there, they promised that they would get back and tie a bell there around the peepal tree if their wishes came true and prayers answered. Soon after that, more and more people started to throng to the temple and gradually the temple came to be known as the Tilinga Mandir that fulfils anyone’s wish who visits the temple and ties bell around the peepal tree.

There are also a lot of people who present pigeons to the temple in order to get their wishes fulfilled. So, it has become a norm of the temple that anyone whose wishes or prayers are answered must present the temple with a bell, a pigeon or a trishul. Trishul which is Lord Shiva’s trident is speared around the premises of the temple here and there by the devotees. The fame of the temple with its mysterious power and history has spread so far and wide that people from distant places visit to pray to Lord Shiva and get their wishes fulfilled. Monday is considered to be an auspicious day in the name of Shiva, and hence it is on Mondays that the temple gets the highest number of devotees.

How to Reach Tilinga Mandir

By Train:

The nearest town to Tilinga mandir is the Tinsukia town. buses are easily available to Bordubi where Tilinga mandir is located.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Tinsukia town is the Mohanbari Airport in Dibrugarh. After that, Bordubi can be reached by bus or private vehicle.

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