Tourism in Tinsukia

Located in the Upper Assam, Tinsukia is a district which is considered to be one of the oldest cities of the place. Known popularly as the “Business capital” of Assam, Tinsukia is primarily known for its significant commercial establishments. Being a very old town, the place has myriads of places to boast about ranging from Wildlife Sanctuaries to Oil fields to ancient temples.  The town is full of natural tourist spots.

The major tourist attraction spots in Tinsukia are:

Nature and Wildlife in Tinsukia:

Tinsukia is a place that has majestic wildlife and forests. The wildlife sanctuaries in the Tinsukia Asiatic buffalodistrict are Dibru Saikhowa National park and  Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuaries in Tinsukia district are very rich and highly resourced. With proper care and projects on these sanctuaries, they can go on to become some of the most sought after parks in North east India.

Dibru saikhowa national park even has the potential to become a tiger reserve with the number counts of tigers in the forest going higher. Many endangered species of mammals, insects, amphibians, birds, reptiles reside in these sanctuaries hence making it a special spot for tourists.

Religious places and Monuments in Tinsukia

The Tinsukia town is surrounded by natural beauty and scenic magnificence. The most famous temple in tinsukia is the Tilinga temple. The tilinga temple is a temple located at Bordubi in Tinsukia Town. Another well known temple in Tinsukia is Shiva Dham.
tilinga mandirThe Tilinga temple is a famous temple where people tie bells around a peepal tree once their wishes are fulfilled on praying in the temple. It is one of the most important tourist spots here in north east in India. 

The town of Tinsukia is also surrounded by beautiful places like Digboi which is located around 27 kms from Tinsukia and has the oil refinery and oil field where the first oil well was dug. There is also a National Oil Park and Museum located in Digboi. The famous Ridge Hill point in Digboi provides birds’ eye view of the Digboi oil field still having the colonial imprints.

Margherita is another place which is 45 kms. away from Tinsukia town. Beautiful tea gardens and scenic picturesque places are found around Margherita.

Hotels and Restaurants in Tinsukia:

Tinsukia is a developing town which is a tourist spot as well and people from different cities and countries visit the place to enjoy its scenic beauty. With the increased hype in tourism, the number of padmini resorthotels in town has also increased. The hotels vary from being budget hotels to luxury hotels.

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